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Series STT/500 Safety from 160VA to 16kVA

Safety Isolating Three-phase transformers

  • Safety transformers built according to standards IEC 61558-2-6
  • Single voltage input max. 1000V
  • Single voltage output max. 50V
  • Class F insulating materials
  • Ambient temperature max. 40 °C
  • Input/output connectors on terminal block rails or boards with brass screws
  • Polycarbonate protection with board and brass screws, against accidental contacts in assembling

The STT/500 transformers are built according to the CE standards CEI 96-2 and international standards IEC 61558-1 and IEC 61558-2-6 . Standards for safety transformers reach up to the power of 16KVA (see Table). For exceeding powers, other standards must be taken into consideration; although, prior to agreement with manufacturer, transformers with exceeding powers can be built by following the same standards, assembly and testing levels.
This family features a single-voltage input up to 1000V and an output with a max. voltage of 50V AC or 120V ripple free DC between conductors or between any conductor and earth. It is also possible to produce three-phase safety transformers with multi-voltage inputs and outputs (maintaining the above mentioned limits) or with more outputs (where the total voltage remains within these values).
The power values stated on the Table are given according to CE standards, but that does not exclude the possibility in producing transformers of any power, remaining in the 16 KVA limits, prior to agreement with manufacturer.
If the output is star connected, neutral is always supplied in the terminal block.