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Railways, Naval, Oil Extraction

When we talk about sensitive and complex contexts such as the scope of rail, shippingor oil extraction operations, The criteria of the efficiency and total safety of electrical and electronic devices certainly play a fundamental role. We at Varat have been actively engaged in all these fields for over forty-five years, on a national and international scale, offering a contribution of the highest quality and highly customizable in the fields of transformers, electrical voltage regulators and stabilizers.

Providing electrical and electronic devices for the railway sector requires great professionalism and attention to detail, since the smallest disturbances in the harmonics of an electrical system, can lead to malfunctions and tilt in different compartments, including signalling systems and traffic lights, with very dangerous consequences.

Equally delicate are the commissions in naval, civil and military, and in oil, for which we at Varat have over the decades implemented effective solutions in the field of stabilization and variation of tension within complex electrical systems.

Our specialists can enjoy not only the operational instrumentation of their specific field, but also a laboratory and a workshop fully equipped. Also performing internal cutting, milling and welding operations of copper, aluminum and other metals and alloys components, we can provide an all-round supply chain control that certainly stands as added value in terms of quality monitoring and delivery timing. The certifications from Italian and foreign organs are then the ideal crowning of a proposal that, really, does not fear any comparison in the international market of electrotechnics in general, and the production of transformers, electrical voltage regulators and stabilizers in particular. In particular, the double approval granted by Underwriters Laboratories Inc (UL) and Canadian Standards Association (CSA) certifies alignment with quality safety and performance criteria that allow the marketing of our transformers and autotransformers in the US and Canadian markets. The ISO 9001 type approval issued by the independent Swiss certification body IAS IAS, based on periodic in-house checks and production audits, attests to the conformity of our electrical and electronic solutions from design to production, up to national and international marketing. The German company TUV certifies the alignment to quality criteria of safety and performance that allow the marketing of our stabilizers worldwide.

It should be stressed that we pay great attention to the issue of sustainable production, more important than ever and current. That’s why during the phases of choice of materials and the realization of the devices we take care to limit any waste of energy, in order to promote the virtuous path of entrepreneurship that contrasts the environmental impact.

To complete a picture of absolute excellence in the field of devices offered to customers in the railway, naval and extractive-petroleum sectors, Varat guarantees the effective testing of 100% of the products supplied.

Would you like to contact professionals with recognized professionalism on a national and international scale? Excellent: we at Varat are at your complete disposal to offer your company all the support it deserves.