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Automation and Industrial Plants

For over forty-five years Varat has distinguished itself on a national and international scalein the electrotechnical and electronic field, in particular for its excellent production of transformers, stabilizers and voltage regulators.

In activities related to automation and industrial plants, for example, the proposal of transformers Varat plays a central role both in terms of the prevention of damage to circuits and machinery, is below that of a correct transmission of energy within the network.

Effectively insulate the network, intervene with expertise on primary and secondary winding systems, Meticulously taking care of the quality of materials and components used in order to ensure compatibility between each individual element of the circuit are fundamental activities to provide excellent support to our customers.

In order to ensure the first-class performance of the complex machines used in the automation and industrial plant engineering sectors, we at Varat have developed a state-of-the-art production system, characterized by great autonomy of production and excellence of certified processes. The high competence and proven experience of our specialists, together with the provision of a laboratory and a workshop equipped with precision instrumentation, allow us to provide internally the different stages of development of transformers, Electric voltage stabilizers and regulators, having control of the production chain also when this involves cutting, milling and welding of metal components in copper, aluminum and other elements and alloys.

As a guarantee of quality we have homologated our production lines to the requirements of the most important certifications recognized at Italian and international level. In particular, the double approval granted by Underwriters Laboratories Inc (UL) and Canadian Standards Association (CSA) certifies alignment with quality safety and performance criteria that allow the marketing of our transformers and autotransformers in the US and Canadian markets. The ISO 9001 type approval issued by the independent Swiss certification body IAS IAS, based on periodic in-house checks and production audits, attests to the conformity of our electrical and electronic solutions from design to production, up to national and international marketing. The German company TUV certifies the alignment to quality criteria of safety and performance that allow the marketing of our stabilizers worldwide.

The total safety and advanced efficiency of our transformers, stabilizers and regulators for the automation and industrial plants sectors are then confirmed by the actual testing that we operate on every single product developed by Varat professionals.

A great attention to the theme of eco-sustainable production, in the choice of materials and during the phases of design and construction, completes an offer that is also distinguished by the limitation of energy waste and reduction of environmental impact.

For your needs in the field of automation and industrial plants entrusted to an Italian excellence appreciated on national territory and abroad, discover now the proposal Varat.