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The photovoltaic sector is a very complex and constantly evolving field of application.

The production of transformers is a key element in this important sector, since photovoltaic cells do not normally have the specific technical characteristics to easily cross with the network. From the current in direct form it is necessary to use inverters to make the switch to alternating voltage with network frequency at 50-60 Hz: in the fundamental junction between the network and the inverter output, an isolation transformer must be placed able to block any interference elements for the network, and to galvanically isolate the network from the system as a whole.

We at Varat have specialized for over forty-five years in the design, manufacture and marketing of transformers, stabilizers and voltage regulators, and we were therefore able to follow the entire process of technological innovation of the photovoltaic sector.

We have developed a production system based on some precise principles: the incomparable electrotechnical competence of our specialists, a structure able to manage independently also activities complementary to our specific operating environment, and the respect of the most demanding parameters certified by Italian and international bodies.

The employees of Varat are selected on the basis of solid practical and theoretical skills, and are placed in a context that facilitates the maximum professionalization and continuous updating. By making available to them not only the environments for the realization of the specific components of a transformer, but also a laboratory and workshop equipped with cutting-edge equipment, we have the possibility to put in place an advanced control of the entire production chain, able to understand also possible processes of cutting, milling and welding of metal parts for the realization of complex plants.

Among the prestigious approvals are those issued by Underwriters Laboratories Inc (UL) and Canadian Standards Association (CSA), which certify alignment to quality safety and performance criteria that allow the marketing of our transformers and autotransformers in the US and Canadian markets. ISO 9001 approval, issued by the independent Swiss certification body based on periodic in-house checks and production audits, attests to the conformity of our electrical and electronic solutions from design to production, up to national and international marketing. The German company TUV certifies the alignment to quality criteria of safety and performance that allow the marketing of our stabilizers worldwide.

We at Varat are also proud to point out that each of our production lines istested by experienced professionals prior to delivery, so that we can only offer customers devices successfully tested in the field. Not only that: great attention both in the choice of materials and in the management of production processes is reserved to the fundamental issue of eco-sustainability. Avoiding waste of energy and actively working to reduce environmental impact is for us a component of a virtuous entrepreneurial path.Visit the sections of our website dedicated to individual production lines for complete information and technical information