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Industrial Engineering

Varat has stood out for overforty-five years in the field of electrical engineering, with a proposal that finds its fundamental values in the principles of reliability, efficiency, safety and customization. We deal with the design, manufacture and marketing of transformers, stabilizers and voltage regulators, solutions that find particular application in the dynamic world of Industrial Plant Engineering in general, especially in reference to our range of transformers.

The role of these devices, in fact, is really fundamental: they are static machines, consisting of an input circuit, an output circuit and a ferromagnetic core that allows you to vary the ratio between the input voltage and the output one, without changing its electrical power.

In industrial plant engineering, electrical panels can be substantially configured in three different types. An electrical distribution panel is a system which mainly contains manoeuvring and protective equipment. We speak of electric automation panel when, in addition to the manoeuvring and protection devices, control, control and signalling systems are inserted: not infrequently in the particularly complex switchboards of this kind we opt for a splitting of the general framework into several electrical boards on board the machine. With regard to the on-board electrical panel, IEC 61204 defines this system as the electrical system downstream of the point of delivery of electricity that supplies the machinery.

We at Varat operate on all fronts of industrial plant engineering, and among the most requested services,in addition to the internal transformers framework, it is precisely the development of switchboards that allow you to adapt the supply network to the machines, with the insertion of isolation transformers that preserve cards and circuits of the automatic switchboards as in boards on board the machine.

We would like to emphasize that our production system has received the recognition of the most important Italian and foreign certification bodies. The independent Swiss entity IAS, based on production checks and periodic in-house checks, has certified the compliance of our solutions to ISO 9001 approval; Underwriters Laboratories Inc (UC) has officially recognized the value of our products, opening our doors to the US market; the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) has therefore certified the alignment of our devices with Canadian quality criteria, allowing the commercialization of our proposal also in that nation and indeed supporting it through its own recognized authority. The German company TUV certifies the alignment to quality criteria of safety and performance that allow the marketing of our stabilizers worldwide.

Crowning the quality of our range of products are the testing of 100% of the devices placed on the market by us and a strong focus on the fundamental theme of eco-sustainability of production systems: the reduction of energy waste and environmental impact is a key principle of the positive business model that we have always embraced.

What are you waiting for? Discover the world of Varat!Trust those who have established themselves for decades as a reference point in the electrotechnical sector on an international scale.