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It all started in 1975, when VARATbegan manufacturing battery charger transformers. After 5 years, this field is abandoned for the more traditional transformer market.

After years of experience in the electric and electronic fields, VARAT decides to aim to a more demanding and vast clientele, offering: – technical advice, precise, reliable and guaranteed products, a larger range, quick delivery and post sales assistance.

Continual technological up-dating both of material and machines, custom manufactured machines, measuring and testing labs, are only some of the strong points VARAT has dedicated it’s time and energy to

From the initial 250m2, VARAT can now count on a company surface of 1500 m2, where finished products and supply materials can be comfortably stored, offering quick on time delivery. Quality and service, along with expansion can also be translated in a substantial company turnover increase.
Il punto di forza e di orgoglio della VARAT s.r.l. printed circuit transformers for electronics; toroidals up to 5 kVA; single-phase for panels and other needs; three-phase which can reach up to and over 500 kVA; single and three-phase inductances; electric and electromechanical stabilizers up to 1 MVA, stabilized AC/DC converters, electro magnet regulators and many others.
Toroidal transformers begin to be manufactured in 1990 and consequently enforced with the addition of many other devices, which permit to expand the range up to 5 kVA; the company also specializes in the construction and study of toroidal ballast for gaseous Xeno discharge lamps

All VARAT products are conform in design and construction to the Italian (CEI) and International (IEC) standards.

Since 1990, a modern and continual up-dated computer system, present both in the company management and technical department, permits an immediate control on orders, supplies, deliveries and equipment characteristics.
Not only does VARAT want to offer quality to it’s clients but also safety and all products manufactured by VARATare covered by a RC Product Insurance conforming to CEE standards. When assembling VARAT equipment, clients are protected worldwide against faulty material and consequential damages (excluding USA and CANADA) .