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Certified Instruments for Test Rooms and Test Benches

Professionalism, attention to detail and safety are fundamental values that accompany us at Varat since the beginning, more than forty-five years ago. 100% of the products in our offer are tested by our specialists, in order to guarantee our customers the highest quality and reliability.

The great attention that we reserve to the testing phase allows us not only to provide devices with high added value, but also to export verification systems in the vanguard of companies that are operating with electrical systems, of varying degrees of complexity.

That’s why one of the services in which we are established on an Italian and international scale is the provision of devices specifically designed for testing rooms and test benches, tools invaluable in various production contexts.

From automotive to food packaging, from large-scale textile to chemical-plastic: when it comes to activities that employ electrical and electronic systems of a certain load, automated or not, operator safety and machinery safety require a precise series of tests and development on safe systems, isolated from the network or at the end of the line. The test benches that we at Varat provide are ideal solutions to test new operational phases, to train personnel who need to accumulate experience and confidence with electrical systems, and to test production processes, components, and equipment to ensure optimal quality of lines or products placed on the market.

Within our proposal in this field of production, sewn around the specific needs of the client, we provide to equip the devices with special outputs interfaced with PC. In this way it is possible to easily consult all the fundamental parameters of a well-conducted testing and testing process, such as f-f and f-n voltage, frequency, current, energy and active power.

We would also like to stress that the development of sustainable production is a trait that deeply characterizes us. Along a path that has now extended for many years, we have constantly implemented solutions aimed at energy saving and the contrast of environmental impact, in the perspective of an entrepreneurship that embraces the values of an eco-friendly perspective.

Confirming the safety and optimal performance of Varat solutions for test rooms and test benches, we boast the possibility of being able to use a fundamental component such as the transformer with the recognition of the most important Italian and international certification bodies. The double approval granted by Underwriters Laboratories Inc (UL)and Canadian Standards Association (CSA), respectively for marketing in the US and Canadian markets, is in fact accompanied by that of the independent Swiss certification body IAS, which has granted us ISO 9001 approval. The German company TUV certifies the alignment to quality criteria of safety and performance that allow the marketing of our stabilizers worldwide.

Do you want to have high-performance instruments for testing in Test Rooms and Test Benches? See the section of our website that illustrates our value offer!