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TTKF K-Factor for loads with harmonics K4-K13-K20

Three-phase Isolating transformers

  • Three phases insulating transformers complaint to IEC 61558-2-4 Cei 96-2 UL1561 NEMA TP-1 Standards
  • Input voltage on request, max 600V, Delta connection
  • Output voltage on request, max 600V star + n
  • Group Dyn11 – on request, at secondary winding, Zig Zag connection
  • Copper screen beetwin Primary and Secondary winding
  • Frequency 50 or 60Hz
  • Ambient Temperature 40°C
  • Insulating system 155°C Class F, 100°C temperature rise.
  • Protection IP00
  • Input and output connection with terminal block or copper bars.
  • Copper wire enamelled class H200 or C220
  • Low loss core, design to manage DC flux caused by triplen harmonics
  • Transformer design that take into account the increase of “stray loss”
  • IP20 elclosure RAL7032 with vibration dampering pads
  • Additional screen
  • Ten year warranty
  • Different temperature rise or insulating system