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Series TTI/500 Isolating from160VA to 40kVA

Isolating Three-phase transformers

  • Isolating transformers built according to standards IEC 61558-2-4 max. power 40 KVA
  • Single voltage input max. 1000V
  • Single voltage output max. 1000V
  • Class F insulating materials
  • Ambient temperature max. 40°C
  • Input/output connectors on terminal block rails or boards with brass screws
  • Polycarbonate protection with board and brass screws, against accidental contacts in assembling

The TTI/500 transformers are built according to the CE standards CEI 96-2 and international standards IEC 61558. The power range of this family reaches up to 40KVA, where both the single-voltage input and output go up to 1000V.
If multi-voltage inputs and outputs are needed, please state it at the moment of ordering.
Isolating transformers are usually used for installations or appliances, where it is necessary or advisable to create a galvanic separation between the load and the mains supply. This way a totally isolated line is created. This way a totally isolated line is created. The magnetic cores are made up of low-loss EI lamination (1,5 W/Kg) and Besides creating an electric isolation, an isolation transformer is also useful for single-phase equipment, where there is need for the isolation of a line from the mains supply, with 4 wires (3 + neutral), with reference to earth (neutral connected to earth).
Please state when ordering if there are heavy unbalanced loads, as it is advisable to create the most suitable type of output connection. With all power supply, safety and isolating transformers, it is possible to include a copper shield between input and output, connected to earth. This will add extra safety against isolating material breakdown and oblige the current to flow from the shield towards earth. An another important use, is the filtering function, as the shield eliminates stray capacitances between input and output. This shield is not indispensable, as not required by standards, but can be supplied upon client’s request. If a full lab test is required for any particular model, please state it at the moment of ordering.