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Series RTH/2000 Air network filter

Air-wound Three-phase Reactors for AC Filters

  • Three-Phase Reactors built according to IEC 61558-2-20
  • Three-phase operating voltage 400V
  • Rated frequency voltage fall 50 Hz ˜ 2 %
  • Up to 40A terminal block output, on board with screws for higher currents
  • Polycarbonate protection with outputs on screws, against accidental contacts during assembly
  • Vertical assembly (advisable away from iron walls)
  • Class H total high casehardening varnish dipped and oven dried
  • Ambient temperature max. 40°C.

The RTH/2000 Family is used in circuits, where the presence of high frequency noise could create malfunctioning of the reactors with an iron core. As the core losses are proportional to the frequency square, there would be an unusual increase of losses and a drop in inductance value
Developing the magnetic circuit in air and inductance value constancy is obtained even at high frequencies.
A typical use of these reactors is the output filtering of the three-phase inverters. During assembly, please be careful in positioning the reactor, as an intense magnetic field is created (current dependent) and could cause, if near metal walls, undesirable spurious currents and overheating.