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Series RTF/1000 Network filter with core

Three-phase Reactors on iron for AC filters

  • Three-phase Reactors on iron for AC filters built according to IEC 61558-2-20
  • Three-phase operating voltage 400V
  • Rated frequency voltage fall at 50 Hz ~ 3 %, and 60 Hz ~ 3,5 %
  • Up to 40A terminal block output, on board with screws for higher currents
  • Polycarbonate protection with outputs on screws, against accidental assembling contacts
  • Vertical assembly. Horizontal version available upon request.
  • Class H total high casehardening vacuum varnish dipped and oven dried
  • Ambient temperature max. 35°C.
  • Different inductance values, voltage drops and currents are available on request


The RTF/1000 Family is used for drive input in both three-phase and continual motor systems. This family reduces the conducted noise generated by the power devices, which would disturb the equipment connected to the mains.
Both the inductance and current values featured on the diagram are approximate and are only mentioned to help the client get a preliminary idea of the inductance dimensions and values. Please keep in mind that these values are calculated for an approx. 3% drop on 50 Hz with a 400 V mains. Different current and voltage drop values (consequently inductance value) can be supplied upon request.