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Series RTA/100 Motor starting 3 start/h 5 sec long

Single-phase Motor Start up Reactors

  • Single-phase motor start up reactors built according to IEC 61558-2-20
  • Three-phase operating voltage 400V
  • Designed for 3 startings per hour, of 5 secs. each
  • 30% voltage fall, for a 70% reduced motor starting
  • Class H total high casehardening varnish dipped and oven dried
  • Particularly indicated for submerged pump startings;
  • also useful for transformer connection take-off reduction
  • Different starting values, voltages and powers are available upon request

The RTA/100 Family is designed for reduced operating periods, thus suitable to limit inrush currents to values, which do not activate over-current device protection, both for motors and transformers. Once the operating period has elapsed (5” max. for motors and 1” for transformers) the reactors have to be short-circuited to avoid line fall and overheating.