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Series MMI/500 Shell-type Single-phase Isolating transformers

Power from 25VA to 1600VA - Input 0/230/400 Output 0/100 0/110

  • Isolating transformers built according to standards IEC 61558-2-4
  • Dual voltage input 230/400 V AC
  • Rated output 0/110V – 0/110V
  • Insulation material group F
  • Ambient temperature max. 40 °C
  • Degree of protection IP 00
  • Class I built with M4 or M5 ground
  • Zinctropicalized steel fixing angles
  • Varnish dipped and oven dried
  • On stock

The isolating transformers are used for appliances, where the standards permit low voltage use (i.e. 220V) for services and supplies of actuators, small motors or to isolate parts of installations from the current mains.
The MMI/500 family is built with two identical outputs, each with half power, which can reach, after making a series or parallel connections, respectively the voltages 220 or full power 110.
If you connect the secondaries in parallel, please take special care in connecting the terminals of 0V with 0V and 110V with 110V, to avoid short-circuiting