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Series VSD/3000 Electronic Voltage Stabilizers with digital control (Patented System), Single-phase power from 0.5kVA to 150kVA

Electronic Voltage Stabilizers with digital control "Digistab"

  • Input 230(220) Vac ± 15 %, ± 20 %, -30 % +10 %
  • Stabilized output 230(220) Vac ± 1 %, 1,5 %, 1,5 %
  • Frequency 50/60 Hz ± 2%
  • Thermal magnetic switch or fuse protected
  • Input/output on clamps
  • Model VSD/3003 and up feature a voltage readout with a 3 digit digital voltmeter
  • Input/output switchover readout pushbutton with LED indicator
  • Containers with high level protection IP21 o IP31
  • Ambient temperature -20° + 40 °C
  • Waveform null distortion << 0,1 %
  • Unaffected by power load factor
  • Speed of response 9 ms/V
  • Resistant to surge overloads, up to 5 In
  • Natural or forces air ventilation, depending on the power, with internal thermostat
  • Efficiency from 95 to 99 %

The VSD/3000 Family , or “Digistab”, can be considered a new generation of stabilizers, offering an evolution to the stabilizer’s classic electronics.
The VSD stabilizers work with a similar principle as the electromechanical families, with all the qualities the latter offer. The substantial difference lays in the booster’s supply system, offering a high electronic reliability.
The control is powered by a sophisticated microchip, along with simple hardware, where Varat was able to design a fast, silent and maintenance free machine. The digital voltmeter constantly controls the input power and stabilizes the output.
In the particular case of the VSD family, the output voltage is digitally stabilized with the precision of ± 1% (patented system).
The advantage of this patented system is to be able to obtain a completely static stabilizer, with reduced dimensions, insensitive to surge overloads and which corrects the output in an almost continual manner, as the electromechanical units.
The speed response is approx. of 9 ms/V, according to IEC 86 standards. This value is already very low, but also slowed down as not having to be continually regulated, caused by variable power surges.
Waveform null distortion, and thus resistant to power overloads up to 5 In.
Digistab, when turned on, reads and shows the voltage power and brings it to the correct preset value.
The input/output connections are on clamps and magneto-thermal or fuse controlled against overloads and short-circuiting.