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Serie VDU/3000 Three-phase digital controlled static stabilizers with indipendent regulators without neutral Power from 1.5VA to 1.5MVA

Three-phase digital controlled static stabilizers with indipendent regulators on each phase without neutral

  • Three-phase digital controlled stabilizer
  • Input voltage 400 V ± 15% + N
  • Output voltage 400 V ± 1% + N
  • Frequency 50/60 Hz ± 2%
  • Totally static control
  • Patented regulating system
  • Input/output on clamps
  • Magneto-thermal or fuse power protected
  • VDU/3003 family features phase voltage readout with 3 digit digital display
  • Input/output switchover readout pushbutton with LED indicator
  • Ambient temperature –20 +40 °C
  • Waveform null distortion << 0,1 %
  • Unaffected by power load factor
  • Speed response 9 ms/V
  • Resistant to surge overloads 5 In. approx.
  • Efficiency from 89 to 98 %

The VDU/3000 Family, or Megadigistab, are part of the new AC/DC generation of stabilizers.
This particular family does not have mechanical parts, thus free of movement wear, and presenting a high level of reliability and efficiency
It also maintains the quality of the regulating system with booster transformers.
The control is powered by a sophisticated microchip and simple and reliable hardware, thus allowing VARAT to design a fast, silent maintenance free machine, with very high power levels, which can reach 1,5 MVA.
The digital and static control constantly balance the input power and stabilizes the output.
This family also features a high speed response, swing free, high precision and overload free at the moment of turning on. The speed response is approx. of 9 ms/V, according to CEI 562-4 e IEC 686 standards.
The advantage of this patented system is to be able to obtain a completely static stabilizer, with reduced dimensions, insensitive to surge overloads and which corrects the output in an almost continual manner, as the electromechanical units.
This value is already very low, but also slowed down as not having to be continually regulated, caused by variable power surges.
Waveform null distortion, and thus resistant to power overloads up to 5 In.
Megadigistab, when turned on, reads and shows the voltage power and brings it to the correct preset value.
The input/output connections are on clamps or bars, depending on the power and magneto-thermal or fuse power controlled against overloads and short-circuiting.
It also features a step-type conditioning, where the lowest level for a power voltage of 230 V is 2,3 V (1%)
The three phases are controlled separately and have a neutral reference, which is automatically created,
if non present in the network, thanks to a particular auto transformer, which can face high unbalanced loads.
The control and regulating system are a VARAT patent and are used for all single and three-phase stabilizers.