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Series ATTCN Neutral generator Zig-Zag

Neutral generator Autotransformer

Creating a Neutral Line
In many countries, worldwide, electricity is not always supplied with a neutral line. Where a single-phase line is present, the addition of the neutral can be helpful also for stability creation in unbalanced loads.
There are various possibilities:
– if there is a need to separate loads from a power supply, a transformer with a secondary can be installed, thus creating a stable neutral.
– if separation is not needed or requested, an autotransformer with a neutral creator can be installed.
The autotransformer is actually a reactor with a zig zag connection


Neutral creation and power adaptation
If it is necessary to adapt the power from 220 to 400, it is possible with a autotransformer, with simple or dual Zig Zag connections.


Triangle Connection
Three-phase autotransformers are almost entirely built with a star connection, but in some cases can be built with a triangle connection, but in the latter case the transferred power is a bit lower .


Motor start up
Motor start up autotransformers are efficient for motor take-off current limitation, mainly with medium and high powered motors. They can be supplied with one or more sockets, which serve for gradual start ups, reducing and easing the current take-offs. Once the start up has been made, the autotransformer disconnects, thus limiting the working time to tenths of a second. When ordering, please mention the exact connection time, the number of start ups in an hour and how many steps are needed.