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Single phase electromechanical voltage stabilizers

VSM Series from 2kVA to 15kVA +-15%

Power Input Output Frequency Speed Accuracy
From 2KVA to 15KVA 230V 15% 230V 50/60 Hz 20 mSEC/V 1%

"VSM" automatic voltage stabilisers with electronic control are designed for power supply applications in computer centers, control systems, numerical control machine tools, and in any situation where a rigorously constant voltage is required.

"VSM" stabilisers are particularly versatile, they have a high efficiency, they support high transient overloads, frequency and load variation. With a very high accuracy, they are provided with a FINE VOLTAGE REGULATION knob, which enables the operator to select the optimum value for all load and conditions.

They are also equipped with: a reliable digital voltmeter with input and output voltage reading, mains light. Automatic circuit breaker, input and output connectors are positioned on the rear side.

All models are available with isolation transformer in the "VSMI" range.

Power from 2kVA to 15kVA
Input voltage 230V
Input voltage acceptable variation 15% (from 195V to 264V)
Output voltage 230V
Output voltage accuracy 1%
Fine voltage regulation 5%
Frequency 50/60Hz
Regulation speed 20/1000 sec. / Volt
Load tolerable variation da 0 a 100%
Acceptable power factor 0 - 1
Full load efficiency > 98%
Harmonic distortion < 0,5%
Ambient temperature 0 : 45C
Altidude up to 1000m. without derating
Standards IEC 60686
Protections Automatic circuit breaker
Input/output RFI filters on electronic control
Surge protection on electronic control
Standard accessories automatic circuit breaker, digital voltmeter with input/output reading switch, fine output voltage regulation within 5%, in/out connectors on the rear side
Optional disponibili by-pass segnalazione tensione fuori gamma sul frontale (led) o su contatto rem. segnalazione intervento protezione su contatto remoto amperometro digitale cavo in ingresso (solo fino a 5kVA), prese multiple in uscita protezione sovraccarico in uscita (fuse o automatico)

Power Part no. Dimensions mm Weight
VA A B (B) C
2000 VSM 02K 230 420 (460) 220 18.8
3000 VSM 03K 230 420 (460) 220 20.0
4000 VSM 04K 230 420 (460) 220 22.1
5000 VSM 05K 230 420 (460) 220 22.6
7500 VSM 07K 340 420 (460) 220 30.5
10000 VSM 10K 340 420 (460) 220 32.5
15000 VSM 15K 350 480 (520) 230 49.0

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