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Panel thermostats

TMQ/4000 Family

  • To lengthens your fan's life
  • To control that your panel features the correct temperature
  • To have an alarm if the panel exceeds the temperature
  • To control a particular component's temperature
  • To avoid the fan's noise, when not necessary
  • To constantly keep under control all of the panel's functions
  • To guarantee against overheating and/or receive an on-time warning
Model Sensor Alarm Assembly
TMQ/4001 Internal no On Omega guide
TMQ/4101 Internal yes On Omega guide
TMQ/4201 External no On Omega guide


yes On Omega guide
STC/4105 Sensor + cable - Fixing hole for M5 screws
STC/4106 Sensor + cable - Fixing hole for M6 screws
STC/4108 Sensor + cable - Fixing hole for M8 screws
STC/4110 Sensor + cable - Fixing hole for M10 screws

The electronic thermostat of the TMQ/4000 family measures the ambient temperature through a small and precise sensorplaced inside the container.
Alternatively, the sensor can be placed externally, offering the possibility to control the temperature in a precise point to control the degrees reached.
The heat level can be preset on the TMQ/4000 with two dip-switches placed inside the device.  There are four ranges of values (see Table I) and when the set value has been reached, the relay will be released (contacts NA and NC) and a yellow LED will light up.  The second level has an alarm which lights a red LED and excites a second relay, depending on the models.
Usually fans send forced air into the panel, bringing the temperature to perfect values and the relay returns to it's normal position, when the heat level reaches approx. 4°C respectively to the preset value.
With the version that has an alarm, a second relay works at a superior preset value (see Table I) and the red LED lights up.  With the relay contact, one can have visible and acoustical signals or add extra fans.
When using an external sensor, it is possible to control the temperature of a specific device or point on the panel.  As the sensor is isolated it is also possible to control points under tension, as with connecting screws with a diameter up to 10 mm.
Assembly is extremely simple, when connecting to an Omega guide.  The external sensor version can be assembled on perforated panels, where one can control the conditions with the LEDs.

Technical Data

Values Clamps

230 V ± 10%

11 / 12
Absorbed Power 7 VA ———
Work Contact 8 A 250 V 1 3 2
Alarm Contact 8 A 250 V 5 6 4

Cable 0,8 m

(+)7 (-)8
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