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Varat is a well established company, a reliable electrical stabilizers and transformers manufacturer, as well as voltage regulators and other components producer, strengthened by a considerable experience accrued over the years.

Each of our product, whether you address us as your electrical stabilizer manufacturer or your variable transformer manufacturer, is marked by excellent performances, advanced technology and high levels of reliability.

Varat is able to provide its clients with a wide range of electrical solutions: we are not merely just another voltage stabilizer and variable transformer manufacturer. We supply the fitting device to any kind of necessities and requirements, including accessories and instructions for the best usages as well.

But above all, our offer is based on an extensive research carried out with the goal of identifying the solutions and methodological processes that can offer increasingly satisfying results, both in terms of quality and convenience.

Our voltage stabilizer and electrical transformer confirm that, as manufacturer, we really have achieved high levels of quality and technologies. The products and services we make available are distinguishable for the wide variety of customized solutions that ensure functionality and efficiency.

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